Sustainability is a modern buzz word that we don't like .It is a word of "seeming" rather than "doing".We prefer to call our farming methods "regenerative"  , "self reliant" , "self sufficient" and "Locally sourced".We don't like to be a burden on on either the environment or government infrastructure.

Our farm is completely stand alone in regard to power generation and water supply.100% of our water from rooftop rainfall and collected in tanks.No creek , dam or mains water is used by us at all.
We are completely self sufficient in our electricity generation ,completely off grid .Most of our power comes from a west facing 8kw solar array , and backup power is providedby a 2kw suitcase petrol powered generator ,The backup generator has had 2 days use since 2012 .We have a  48 volt old fashioned lead acid battery bank that can store a usable 40kw/hours power .We prefer the old style batteries , as they are cheaper to manufacture , and completely recyclable ,and refurbish-able at the end of their service life .Modern Gel cells and lithium based units are not.

Our winter power  , or the days " when the sun don't shine " , are supplemented by a home made 60 volt DC generator , made from a re-purposed 20hp diesel tractor engine , and highly modified heavy duty truck alternator .This unit is extremely efficient and only uses around 150 litres of fuel per year to run all of our grading , packing , cool rooms ,maintenance , manufacturing and our entire 4 bedroom home

Our chook houses are all made on site , they are constructed or easily recyclable steel and plantation grown timber .We choose timber for it's thermal properties , and it's ability to shrink when dry in summer , and swell when wet in winter . So in summer the houses have plenty of ventilation in the warmer months .Most of the steel we use is sourced from local scrap yards , and all of the curved roofing  on out 10 houses come from local farm clearing sale , and was possibly an old silo at one stage .

All of our egg cartons ,made right here in Melbourne ,are made from 100% locally sourced kerbside recycling collection material . The manufacturer tells me that their cartons ,on average ,get recycled 7 times before they hit landfill .Our shipping boxes are also made right here in Melbourne